Cross Stitch Clocks offer a variety of handmade clocks and clock kits for cross stitching.

All our clocks are individually hand crafted from real wood. When we say 'real wood' we mean solid wood, not a wood veneer or laminate over fiber board or other material.
Some websites identify an item as wood but do not say exactly what type of wood it is, or they just give a description such as 'Mahogany Finish'. We will always identify the wood used. If we say oak, it is oak. Not just made to look like oak.



Most of the wood we use is local hardwood. Usually Oak, Ash, Beech, Elm, Sycamore or Alder.
Other types of wood are available.

The finish on our clocks is usually danish oil and wax polish. This gives a soft silky medium lustre finish that enhances the natural beauty of the wood.

We rarely use stains. If an item is stained it will be clearly stated in the description.