Instructions for Small Mantel Clock Assembly


Small Mantle Clock Kit Instructions

These instructions are applicable to any of our clocks that have exposed hands





Fitting The Cross Stitched Clock Face

Find the centre of the backing card and cut a hole a little bigger than the diameter of the clock movement shaft. (about 10mm)

Center the cross stitching on the card and cut to size. Extra fabric should not be more that 25mm on each side.

When the stitching is correctly centered, wrap the fabric around the card, and stick down the edges with double side sticky tape.

Try to keep the corners tidy. If the thickness of material is excessive, it will not lay well when you fit it to the clock.






Recheck the centering, and when you are sure the stitching is centered correctly, cut a hole in the fabric where the hole in the card is.

Place the clock face into the front of the clock.









If perspex is supplied with your clock, place the perspex over the fabric.

You are now ready to fit the clock movement.




Clock Movement and Hand Fitting Instructions

VERY IMPORTANT:- Please be careful not to destroy your clock movement by removing the second hand after it is fitted!

The second hand fits very tight, and is not intended to be removed after fitting.

If you do remove it after fitting, be careful, it could pull the second hand spindle out of the movement which will destroy the movement.

For this reason don't fit the second hand until you are sure everything else is fitted ok.

When you do finally fit the second hand, push it on to the spindle just enough to ensure it is firmly applied.

Fitting The Clock Movement
1. Place the rubber washer/s over the movement spindle and push the spindle through the hole from the back of the clock.

2. Place the cross stitched face into the front of the lock.

3. Place the perspex cover over the cross stitch.

4. Place the brass washer over the spindle.

Then just tighten the brass nut onto the thread until the movement is held firmly.

Be careful not to over tighten the nut as this can distort the cogs in the movement and stop it from working.

Fitting The Hands
The hand sometimes have a polythene protective coating that needs removing first.

Fit the hour and minute hands (not the second hand) to the spindle as described below...

1. Hold the centre of the hour hand firmly and carefully push it firmly on to the movement spindle whilst making sure it is pointing to the 12 oclock position. Giving it a little wiggle as you push helps.

2. Repeat the process with the minute hand, again ensuring it is pointing to the 12 oclock position.

3. Use the winder on the back of the movement to make sure the hands complete a full 12 hour cycle without touching together. If they do, just bend them slightly to move them apart.

4. When your happy that all is well, fit the second hand. Push it on to the spindle just enough to ensure it is firmly applied.

5. Now put in the battery and that’s it, your clock will start!

We want your clock making experience to be enjoyable, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any problems, or need advice. Happy clockmaking!

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